Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Did you know that a male Turkey has a beard? That's way gross but I guess it didn't matter to much once it was on my plate lol, I know. Well my mom and Chris cooked Thanksgiving for us Wednesday, it was so yummy I love when mom makes Chicken salad oh yea. The only thing that was missing was the damn brown and serve rolls, which might I say is my Favorite part of T-day dinner ; ( We ended up watching Cloverfield that night, not the best movie I ever say not even close. The monster thing was pretty scary reminded me of JubJUB on steroids. We ended up leaving there and going to the bookstore where I bought two more Dean koontz books, I am addicted. We came home and started a fire and let the yawning begin, damn Turkey. Thursday we spent with Jason's family in Washington, again I was waiting for the brown and serve rolls. And once again none to be found : ( poor me again. The Day went pretty well filled with family, friends, food, football and dogs shows... What more could you ask for? The next day I ended up buying two bags of brown and serve rolls to go with ALL the leftovers. Thanks everyone love you.

The Kids!

Button (top), Left to Right Damian, Coco, and Cookie

Three years and going strong

October 31st 2008 marked three years that we have been married! We had a wonderful anniversary considering it was freezing. Jason planned a very romantic beach trip and had the room all done with candles and the whole shebang. I love him so much.