Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Did you know that a male Turkey has a beard? That's way gross but I guess it didn't matter to much once it was on my plate lol, I know. Well my mom and Chris cooked Thanksgiving for us Wednesday, it was so yummy I love when mom makes Chicken salad oh yea. The only thing that was missing was the damn brown and serve rolls, which might I say is my Favorite part of T-day dinner ; ( We ended up watching Cloverfield that night, not the best movie I ever say not even close. The monster thing was pretty scary reminded me of JubJUB on steroids. We ended up leaving there and going to the bookstore where I bought two more Dean koontz books, I am addicted. We came home and started a fire and let the yawning begin, damn Turkey. Thursday we spent with Jason's family in Washington, again I was waiting for the brown and serve rolls. And once again none to be found : ( poor me again. The Day went pretty well filled with family, friends, food, football and dogs shows... What more could you ask for? The next day I ended up buying two bags of brown and serve rolls to go with ALL the leftovers. Thanks everyone love you.

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K&MSilva said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm so glad you finally made a post :)