Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Arctic Blast"

So these are all pics of our yard

So its day number four of this "Arctic Blast" and the snow/rain thing is really annoying now! I have a fire going and the heater on 70! i am going to love seeing that bill : ) but I will not freeze in my own home. I was way bored earlier so decided to take pictures of the yard it looks so pretty when fresh snow is everywhere. Besides work haven't really done much in this weather, I have baked everything, cleaned everything and I think my animals are even annoyed with me bothering them to go for walks in the snow. I guess theres always Dean Koontz.

So Jub is getting Big but for some reason she is starting to turn orange! I have tried reading up on this and not sure what is going on, I hope she is alright. Maybe a trip to the Iggy vet, I'll watch her carefully.

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K&MSilva said...

What's up with the pic of you & K Fed at the top of the page? LOL. Love it :) So a white Christmas huh, must be nice! Seriously, when do I get to come visit???