Sunday, March 8, 2009


okay so I just have to vent. what the hell is wrong with this country! I was told we have to pay a shit load of money to the taxman because we are married and have no KIDS! My tax lady started laughing and said "well you two are rich" HA! yeah right. So they want me to have a baby so I can write it off. What ever happened to marrying for love and having children when your ready? not for a write off and and Oregon Trail card. I get so irritated when you see all these people with mulitple children and they are living better than we are but WE are paying for it. I finally realize why my parents were pissed at the system all the time. And don't get me started on education and healthcare. I am also tired of people constantly asking when we are having babies! I mean where is this handbook that says you must breed by the time your thirty or life is over? We are completley happy and not ready for children but when you tell people that they think there is something wrong with you because we are married and just have dogs. Maybe I can borrow an Octo baby ; ) she has enough to go around. Anyway either way I have to pay the man and keep hearing about babies.

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K&MSilva said...

It's about time you realize how this country works! Just be glad your husband doesn't say "when are we gonna have kids, we'll get more money back." I'm right there with you though, I'm not ready to end my independence. Being married is way too much fun to spoil it with babies!